Career Opportunities With a Master’s in Public Policy

If you’re interested in government, advocacy, and administration,  a master’s degree in public policy might be the perfect choice for you. With this type of professional degree, you can go on to take any number of jobs, especially leadership positions. Let’s take a look at some of the main career opportunities available in this field once you have a master’s degree.

Public Policy Analyst Positions

One of the most common career choices if you’re interested in public policy is to take on an analyst position. In this role, you’ll do research and gather statistics to understand how policy are affecting the general public. Many public policy analysts create reports which can then be used to encourage law makers and others in charge of policy to make changes so the community is better served. As a public policy analyst, you’ll effectively be a voice for the community, helping ensure that concerns are heard and issues are addressed.

Lobbyist Positions

In the public policy world, you can also work as a lobbyist. In this type of position, you’ll work on behalf of your jurisdiction or organization to promote a specific opinion. Lobbyists can work to teach the general public, explaining viewpoints in attempts to gain support, or they can work to convince government representatives to vote a specific way on proposed legislation. In the United States, there are very strict laws governing how lobbyists can work, and learning about these regulations will be part of you public policy education.

Public Policy Administration Positions

Administrators in public policy is necessary to keep the system going. In this kind of role, you could do everything from educating the public about how to register to vote to overseeing research teams of analysts trying to better understand the public’s needs. Many students interested in a public policy administration role opt for a duel master’s degree in public policy and master of business administration (MBA), since public policy administration roles do require a knowledge of business procedures. These aren’t, of course, your own public policy career choices – and keep in mind that this can also be a stepping stone to a career in politics. Many schools also allow public policy students to choose a specialty (like economics, international relations, etc.) that reflects you career goals.

Online Public Policy Master's Degree Programs

Walden University Walden University has several specializations in the MPA program, including Health Policy, Homeland Security Policy, Interdisciplinary Policy Studies, Law & Public Policy, and Policy Analysis. Students in these programs explore the interaction between government and the healthcare industry. Graduates work in government affairs offices for large hospitals and all levels of government.
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Kaplan University The MPA at Kaplan University is built on the theory that the public sector needs strong, educated leaders who can lead positive change at the local, state, and federal level. As the nation is facing troubling economic, social, and international challenges, more then ever graduates with these skills are in high demand.
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Liberty University Liberty University's Master of Arts in Public Policy teaches students the principles of public policy to prepare them for careers in public administration, government and politics. The 39 credit hour program features courses that include topics such as ethics and management practices. Faith is integrated into the learning environment.
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South University The MPA in Public Policy from South University offers a dynamic program that gives you the tools required to advance your public sector and non-profit career. Students are afforded the convenience and flexibility of online education, which enables them to continue to work while completing their degree. Specializations include Public Administration and Non-Profit Management.
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New England College The New England College offers a dynamic Master of Arts in Public Policy program that explores intellectual foundations for policy decision points and how the outcomes of these decisions affect change in the political process. Courses teach how citizens and government interact and teach skills required to influence policy at all levels of government.
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